Rectal CA Q&A

Alright everybody, I know I've been super TMI, full-disclosey, "Oh Jebus, Sugarmouth/brigita, you can keep some of that to yourself for the love of all things proper" on this blog, but I wanted to open up this post to any and all queries that you, my loyal readers, may have about cancer, living with cancer, my particular humdingy variety of cancer, etc., ad nauseum.

That said, if you should happen to have any unanswered questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them in future posts.

Thanks and happy Memorial Day weekend! May it be filled with cheap gas, tasty grilled food, and cold beer*.

*Unless of course it's Busch Light, in which case, you know what to do**.

**Short of putting it in an unheated oven as a joke during a party Friday night and forgetting about it between then and when your surly pain-in-the-ass roommate (as in actual room, yeah, that was fun) preheats the oven for a pizza on Sunday evening and the aforementioned can of beer explodes, only increasing her chagrin.


Ellen said...

How has your beautiful daughter reacted to mommy being sick? Does she know you're sick? Does she sense your bad days vs. your good? Years from now, when you are well, fully recovered, and cancer is nowhere to be found, thankyouverymuch, what will you say/how will you explain to her what you went though/what it means?

Lots of questions, I guess. You know I have two wee people in my house, thus I wonder what a parent does in your place (that being the cancer fucking sucks place, that is)?

hh said...

i guess if you can be FKN enough to open up your blog to questions from your audience - we should rip the skirts off our candy asses and get the guts to ask you some, huh?

so here's one that might kick off a future best seller of yours - what has been toughest for you - the physical toll or the emotional toll of this experience? and can you even seperate them?


Ed said...

I would love to hear your response to hh's question about the separateness-ability of the emotional and physical aspects of cancer hell. I know my perspective on that one...

If it isn't just too much to ask, I would like to read your (ahem) candid description of trying to wrangle an osotomy bag AND the 5FU pump through that 48 hours after your infusion. I found that the 5FU pump was enough of an emotional and mechanical nightmare, and would love to read about your experience of that joy. Does the every-three-seconds-or-so buzz of the pump keep you (or anyone sleeping nearby) awake?

Sorry to hear about all the immediate effects. That totally sucks.

Anonymous said...

If you are opening up and sharing…. I am curious how all of this has impacted your marriage and even your libido - is that too personal?? What about your friendships? I would think this experience brings out some true colors and you realize who will always be there for you.

I enjoy reading your blog and think of you often.