Blog Poll, the Cranky Edition

Before I get to the new poll, let's review the old one:

By a narrow margin (28% vs. 26%), Hawaii just edged out the Caribbean as your guys' pick for Brigitapalooza II with the Med a distant third (13%). I'm guessing that the results might have something more to do with my readership (left coast vs. right coast) than anything...unless you guys know something I don't?

As for the current poll, here's the backstory: we were winding up our time at the Farmers' Market this weekend (note: Hook's 15-year cheddar isn't 33% better than their 10-year) and I wanted to pay my sister back for her bankrolling my yardsaling on Friday (I actually left the house without my wallet. Dumbass).

I rolled up to the first ATM I could find (since my bank is branchless it reimburses all fees), and proceeded to make a withdrawl. Everything seemed fine until the machine said that my card was expired and then didn't spit it back out.

Totally peeved (because my bank is always on top of sending out replacement cards waaaay before they expire), I marched into the bank (which was the size of a closet) and asked for them to open the machine so they could retrieve my card.

The clueless teller--and shortly after, her equally clueless manager--told me that they were unable to open the machine, and that the card--which must have been expired--would be sent to my bank, which would subsequently contact me.


So I get home and promptly call my bank, whereupon they apologized for the mix-up, verified my suspicion that the card was not due to expire until 2009, and issued a card to be overnighted to me (although, because of the weekend, it won't be arriving until tomorrow?).

All that said, I have to ask, what do you think the bank of the card-eating ATM owes me?


Anonymous said...

I bet if you called the bank, not the branch, but the main bank to complain, they might give you a toaster or a free bag!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

You know, I need a new toaster...I'm too lazy to clean the one we have now. ;)

gilles said...


I don't think they owe you anything. The ATM is a robotic being with a mind of its own.

Tricia said...

A free checking account! (which, of course, you need like you need a robotic card-eating ATM...)

I actually believe that clueless teller and manager couldn't open the machine, but that doesn't excuse not making it up to you in some other way.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I guess I should have included the poll option of "you'll get nothing and like it!"

The thing that just burns me is the fact that the bank people--who I understand have zero power over the ATM--were all "Well, your card *must* have been expired, or else it wouldn't have been eaten..." and the machine itself was all "nom nom nom..."