Lessons Learned

And they are two:

  1. I am physically unable to and simply cannot eat more than a cup of raw veg at a time.
  2. My digestive tract is exactly 26 hours long.


Pieces of Me

Great news from the guts front: I got my drivers license renewal form in the mail the other day and along with it came a set of orange dot DONOR stickers. I (and everyone else in my GI support group) had been under the impression that we cancer veterans had to keep our spare parts to ourselves.

Rather than languish under flawed assumptions, I thought I should give a call to the authorities on the subject, and what did they tell me?

I can still donate my organs! Ok, well, maybe. It depends on circumstances that we didn't get into, but the good news is that I'm a definite maybe! Hooray!


Not Just Wanting the Best, But Everything

I now understand why parents think their children are brilliant because when I was looked into my daughter's eyes and saw the wheels turning as she tried to figure out how to dress her dolly, I thought to myself:

She could actually find the cure.