Scenes from the Kitchen

Here's a couple of pics from around the Cancer Slayer's lair:

This is a shot of the door that leads out to the garage. I've saved all of the cards that people have sent me, but there were some that especially fired me up, made me happier, etc.

I'd been trying to brainstorm some sort of board rigged up with old wine corks, but finally I just said to hell with it, and went nuts with the scotch tape.

I walk by this door dozens of times a day and seeing all the little bits of cards, notes, drawings, stickers, bows, whathaveyou really does cheer me up when I need it.

This I think requires little explanation. :)


crazytom said...

She looks like Tim Croteau after he got his ass handed to him by Owen McCuen in that tamale eating contest at the North Dining Hall. Owen lapped him!

HH said...

no way crazy tim ever looked that cute!

crazytom said...

That's true. She's way cuter than Tim, but he looked equally soiled.