Brigitapalooza: What Happens in Chicago Gets Broadcast All Over the Interwebs

Many thanks again to all of you Brigitapalooza attendees that put your digicams to great use and sent me your pics. Thanks to the magical products of the Google Borg, I've been able to import all of your shots into a Picasa album for your viewing pleasure.



Ed said...

Those pictures are really great. Thank you for sharing them with the planet. I assume that you are the grinning woman with that marvelous "Cancer can kiss my ass" shirt on. I am a visual person, and it is nice to have an idea of what you and your close-support network of friends look and act like. You should be proud and pleased.

freakgirl said...

You're so cute! Now I have a picture in my head for when I read your comments. :)

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I really can't say enough about what a fantastic group of friends I have. Of course, it's totally ruined me for all future adult relationships (what with the bar being so high) but the good news is that they don't mind travelling great distances for a little beer-fueled juvenile fun. :)

That shirt is pretty great and I'm sure I'll be wearing it to *many* infusions to come.

FG--Well, shucks! This is actually only the second time ever I've posted pics of myself to a blog, with the first being Violet's birth announcement. I feel like I've outed myself somehow... ;)

Anonymous said...

i have to apologize for not sending my few pics but also getting the videos up- one more final tuesday and my load is greatly lightened. JB

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

NP, Brownzini--Best of luck on your finals!