A Good Old-Fashioned Mama Freakout

After watching Violet suffer through and recover from a myriad of symptoms (104.1° fever, wet cough, spots on her diaper area and legs, serious mouth pain, as well as uncharacteristic irritability, inability to go to sleep easily, and lack of appetite), I folded my "aw, it's nothing" cards and took her into the clinic yesterday, more to make me feel better than her.

Turns out that it wasn't nothing, it was hand, foot & mouth disease. Cue the irrational maternal waterworks and the initial confusion with hoof and mouth disease. "That thing they had in Britain?!" No, crazymom.

The good news is that--even though I've never heard HFMD--all kids get it, it's totally harmless, and it's viral, so even if I'd jumped on things sooner the treatment would have been the same: keep her comfortable, hydrated, and let it run its course.

Better news from the weekend is the fact that the neighborhood garage sales have come and gone...I worked my atrophied ass off and netted nearly $350 for my efforts, getting rid of lots of baby gear and maternity clothes, thereby increasing my chances of conceiving down the road.



Lanny said...

HFMD likes to come out during the Spring time - I've seen alot of it at my practice...It's no fun...Hope she feels better soon! Great work with your garage sale :)

Ed said...

This must have been the weekend for unusual kid-stuff occurring... my 9 y.o. daughter got four mosquito (or some flying bug) bites on Friday night, which blossomed into ugly red itchy areas on Saturday evening. She was scratching them silly until we remembered her rather extreme reaction to a bug bite in Japan and coated the bites with cortisone cream and gave her benadryl to calm her down. Parenting can be very scary work.

Glad to hear that you are more calm about the little girl, and that your efforts were well-rewarded in garagesalehell.

hh said...

you took the words right out of my mouth - when i read that you had sold all that baby stuff, i immediately thought "that's a sure sign she'll have another kid" so whatcha going to do with the $$$ - hopefully a well deserved splurge...

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Lanny--How do you keep a baby that pushes the bottle away hydrated? I've been pushing the juicy fruits in the hope of making up for it...but I guess she'll be over this in a few days...ugh, parenting is exHAUSTing (n'est-ce pas, Ed?)

HH--I don't know if reverse-jinxes work if you do it on purpose, but it can't hurt!