Supporter Shoutouts

This week's thanks goes to...

  • Rog & Shloe for taking a detour out of their long trip home to visit li'l old me, talking me off of my liberal ledge, and bestowing me with the comfiest blankie and tastiest cookies within 100 miles. I hope we can repay the visit before too long!
  • Jenny, Tom & Molly for their wonderful care package, complete with pink & green (!!!) jammie bottoms, baby-safe sunblock (since the sun is actually back), and a eBay gift certificate...someone knows my shopping habits all too well. :)
And as always, thanks to you guys for reading and commenting!

Posting may be sparse these next few days as tomorrow is both chemo tx #2 and the arrival of my sister + bro-in-law + 6mos old niece, whom I've yet to meet. Hopefully an otherwise bleh weekend will be a great one!


HH said...

hope #2 goes quickly and doesn't zap you of your energy - enjoy your visit with your sis and tell her i say "hi!" my sister was just out for a week - it went by too fast but did lift my spirits.


Jeanine said...

Have fun with the fam!!! i will send extra good vibes that number 2 comes and goes fast. I hope you are able to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather - I myself am currently hanging out in the basement (my lovely office) and am itching to be outside!

Niebler said...

Grind out number 2, B. You can do it.
BTW--I'll be in Madison next Monday or Tuesday and hope to see you and the fam! Looking forward to temperatures above 43!
Heart, Niebs

shloe said...

It was our pleasure! Enjoy your time with family. Can't wait to see you guys again! Kisses to Miss V.
Lots of love- Shloe