Where the Hell Do You Think You're Going, Young Lady?

No, you aren't grounded, this is all about the new poll! But first, a review...

While the results for the old poll indicate that a majority of you think I should receive both a written apology and compensation for the bank's overeager ATM's consumption of my totally valid, unexpired card, a part of me thinks that the real majority abstained from voting (the last poll got 40+ votes) because the topic was both lame, entitled, and self-absorbed. Noted, silent quasi-majority, noted.

So the new poll is a simple query--Are you leaving town for the holiday and if so, how? Feel free to leave any holiday specifics (neighborhood BBQ, golf tournament, tedious home improvement projects, etc) in the comments.

Me, this is an on weekend for chemo (getting infused as we speak, in fact), so we're gonna lay kinda low, but Jody is taking the majority of next week off, so I'm hoping that we can catch a matinée of Iron Man one of the days Violet is in daycare.


Tricia said...

I hope you have summer-y weather for the laying low. We're 50's and rainy for the moment here, but are heading over to the sunny side of the mountains for Sasquatch: http://sasquatchfestival.com/2008/

Hopefully, no hail this year, and for certain no camping with cow-patty-rich mud, overflowing honey buckets, and drunken-BareNakedLadies-singing teenagers.

We'll be thinking of you!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Ah am JEAL-OUS! Which day(s) are you going?

Kris said...

No Memorial Day here. I'll be workin' come Monday. :(

Tricia said...

Sorry for the long delay - things got a bit crazy at work. We went Sat and Sun; got back at 3 this morning. It was great. I'll tell some stories on my blog once I'm a bit more rested. We thought of you, especially during the DCFC set.