Cancer Blog Rules

Is it morbid or just weird to keep dead people in my blogroll?


Scenes From the Cancer Center

Dried vomit in the bathroom sink.

And I wasn't even on the side of the clinic where they administer the chemo.


Black & White

When you're a mom that lost her fertility to her cancer treatment, every ultrasound looks like an empty womb, even if they're just scanning an enlarged lymph node in your neck.


It's the Little Things...

...or as I like to say, it's a petty fucking victory, but my fingernails are longer now than they have ever been, even longer than that one summer in college I painted houses for all of a month before the company went under and I got a job at a coffee shop and proceeded to drink my weight in espresso, whipped cream, and caramel.

One more sign that chemo is slowly, slowly washing its way out of my system.

I plan on not-so-slowly replacing it all with mojitos and IPAs this summer.


My "New Normal" Can Go and Suck It

I have had it up to FUCKING HERE with this peripheral neuropathy bullshit, never mind my stupid bowels.

Ok, end of rant.

For now.