Stupid BS Doesn't Stop When You Have Cancer

That microwave delivery that I thought would include installation? Didn't. And both batteries on my cordless drill? Dead.


Fuzzy said...

No install? Hmmm...I'm guessing Best Buy?

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Nope...employee incentive program...basically when Jody exceeds his sales number, he gets all these points which we can redeem for stuff: golf clubs, jogging stroller, etc. Pretty sweet...until now.

Oh, and another wrinkle in this whole scenario? The micro is a good 1.5" taller than the old one, meaning we have to remove and recut tile. Now, I'm handy and all, but that is waaaay beyond my knowledge base. And we're having a helluva time finding someone who will handyman this problem for us.

Important note: We have a super handy neighbor, but I don't know if that is overstepping our relationship (which us super solid, FYI) or if Jody is totally comfortable with the idea of asking.


fuzzy said...

Does anybody remember when microwaves were a cool new invention and one of the appliance companies or department store chains offered free microwave cooking classes with your purchase? I totally remember the tv commercial with the guy asking his wife (who obviously had not yet attended the class), "what's for dinner tonight honey, popcorn again??" : )

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Nope--YOU'RE OLD!!!


Tho for reals, cooking (specially for a wee one) is hard when you only have two sauce pans and no micro... :(