Small Price to Pay for Some Fresh Bateman

One would think that a stupid fucking chemo infusion suite would have some stupid fucking Kleenex. Stupid fucking Hollywood with their dramatic child birth scenes.

Cranky aside to Hollywood: only 15% or something of women have their water spontaneously break at the beginning of labor! Cut the shit, people!

But enough about the indie darling, apparently a 10:30 chemo appointment time translates to your actually getting the drugs delivered at 1:00. Meg & Co. have been at the airport now for two hours.

Hopefully, I'll be able to pick them up, ferry them home, turn around and grab Miss Vi from day care before her contract time (4:30), but I'm not feeling too confident about that. Fortunately, the day care folks have a heads up and hell, I have a pretty good excuse.

In other news, my nose feels funny.


HH said...

are you sure it is only 15%? i thought it was like 25% - oh well, i'm in that minority - twice. both times at 4:30 pm on a monday - weird, huh?

have a great time with your sis!

Tricia said...

Loved that film. He did such a great job with that role. The music references were spot on; I particularly loved the Sonic Youth / Carpenters cover bit, because I had the exact same experience.

Hope you're not feeling too rough this weekend. Have a great time with your family! How great is it that Violet has a cousin so close to her in age!