Moving On

So, some things are changing around the ol' My Cancer Deployment blog...as you can see, I've reverted back to the original brown color scheme. I didn't get a bad test or scan, so don't worry your pretty little head about that, I'm just trying to put this here blog to bed in the best possible form for posterity (posterior-iority?).

Because yeah, this blog is doomed. I am officially done with all planned cancer treatments, surgeries, etc., and now we are shifting to maintenance mode.

For those of you who don't know from personal or secondhand experience or couldn't really get a good feel from me, cancer is FUCKING EXHAUSTING. Emotionally, psychically, financially*, physically. You can't run from cancer, take a vacation from cancer, or get a divorce from cancer. It's always there, in your face (or rectum, as it were).

For that reason, I am making a conscious effort to distance myself as much as possible from cancer, and that includes abandoning this blog. My deployment is officially over. I've returned to my home port (which is actually port free) and ready to try to reclaim the normalcy of my life, whatever that means.

But don't cry for me Argentina! I'm not abandoning you, my ever faithful readers. I'll continue to blog (and cuss, certainly) about the mundane minutiae of my life as a SCAHM** over at my old blog, which has been rechristened Sugarmouth. I'm still fiddling with stuff, so consider this a soft launch.

The contents of the old blog have all been ported over to a new URL, although there's no telling how many of the links actually still work...the archives go back to October 2000.

Anyhow, when a blogger stops blogging, they usually do some big send off in their post, but there's no need for that here, just follow the detour signs...

* fortunately for us our coverage is 100% comprehensive. Thank JEBUS.
** stir crazy at home mom.



I'm a little achy at the port site but am otherwise doing super. Just bummed I can't have a beer while watching tonight's VP shitshow debates.

I've scrapped my dress-acquiring plans for today since I'm not supposed to be operating a vehicle for 24h, so I'm hoping to be able to escape sometime Saturday for some serious economy building (read: shopping therapy).

ETA: I'm totally having that beer because that kooky kreationist is giving me a migraine.


In the Pink

So, I don't want to get into it over who's cancer is better or worse or is deserving of more coverage (consider my stance somewhere between apathy and rage), I just feel that it's necessary to recognize the fact that today is the first day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in case you missed the memo and all the pink paraphernalia that's out there.

I just feel like the following has to be said: don't think for one second that buying a pink silicone spatula honors your grandmother or makes a significant financial contribution to cancer research otherwise gets you off of the hook.

If you want to honor your grandmother, do monthly self-exams and/or stop putting off that mammogram. If you want to make a financial difference, donate a respectable chunk of change to ACS.

If you want a cute kitchen accessory, buy the spatula. Just don't think it's anything more than that.