Immunocompromised, Much?

I asked Jody to take Vi to day care today and have spent the whole morning on the couch, in my jammies.

I feel like absolute garbage. Ugh.

ETA: Just to clarify, I feel so crap on account of catching yet another one of Violet's colds.

ETA2: Oh yeah, and apparently my hair is starting to fall out.


Jeanine said...

Such a yucky bummer.....I hope you recuperate soon.....and have many a netflix on to cheer you up.......

Ed said...

Oh boy. Sorry to hear you're a little down today. I found that my routine after a chemo-delivery looked something like this:
(1) Hooked up to drip-line for several hours on Wednesday, along with attendant anti-emetic drugs;
(2) Continued anti-emetics during the post-dripline portable 5-FU dispenser for two days, which made me a little hyper and insomniac due to the steroids;
(3) De-access 5-FU pump and start the slide into coldness;
(4) Saturday and Sunday mostly spent under blankets trying to stay warm;
(5) Monday go back to work...

I read a lot on the down days, and got a little hooked on LibraryThing.com and its reader's forum. I also found that I had to take some lorazepam to help me get to sleep...

Getting a routine really helped. I hope you feel a little better later today!

Lanny said...

Get some good rest. I hope you and Violet are feeling better soon!