Today marks the six month anniversary since the colonoscopy that all but diagnosed my cancer and sixty days since my surgery.

By my count, I have five more chemo treatments, with the pack getting taken off for the last time 65 days from today, then my reversal surgery about three weeks after that.

I know I'm grasping at silver linings, but I do feel fortunate that this whole process is broken into very discrete chunks, each of which has its own milestones and halfway points, making the whole thing at least seem more manageable. I mean, if my treatment was surgery and then eight months of chemo, I think it would have been a little harder to face.

Six months. I think chocolate is in order.


Lanny said...

Chocolate and whatever other treat you want to have!

shloe said...

mmmm... chocolate. have some extra for me!

totally with you on the milestones. love your timeline on the blog. doesn't it feel great to cross things off? no silver linings about it-- we are so amazed at how you have come through all this and we love to hear about every one of those milestones you have completed. rock on, brigita! :)

hope you three enjoy a nice weekend--

Niebler said...

I just ate a large sympathy brownie.

Musings said...

I just came over from Jean's blog. Your posting here struck a chord with me. I have to get a thyrogen scan to look for thyroid cancer cells in the rest of my body in a couple of weeks. Good luck with your surgery. And I'll join you with the chocolates.