Supporter Shoutouts

Some thanks for the last few weeks, in reverse order of receipt, go out to the following:

  • A. for her generous selection of reading material. I am definitely overdue for reading something unrelated to you-know-what.
  • Ms. & Mr. LeFrei for the great bath toys they sent for the Little Miss' b-day. I love a windup bath toy and those squirting animals sure can shoot far!
  • And last--but decidedly not least--J9 for her mind-bogglingly delicious gift of crab cakes. They make every other crab cake you've consumed in your life look like a compressed ball of cheapo breadcrumbs and newspaper. Jody has said that they might be in his Top 5 Best Eats Ever and I am inclined to agree.
Thank you all for your continued generosity and thoughtfulness, everyone! You guys are the bestest.

In other news, the Sugarmouth family is skipping town this weekend to attend Regional Beerfest, an annual beer-centric gathering among my friends from ND.

So for those of you interested in pilfering our meager belongings, remember that our address is 123 Fake St., Anytown, USA. The key is under the mat.

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Jeanine said...

Only the bestest for our sugarmouth & fam!! At least something good comes out of "Charm city"