Chemo Side Effects Check List

  • Cold sensitivity? Check.
  • Heartburn? Check.
  • Eyeballs hurting when I cry? Check.


hh said...

i can't speak for 1 and 3 - but heartburn - ugh. i'm feeling your pain on that - got my tums next to my bedside. when do the side effects go away? right after your last round of chemo or does it take awhile?

by the way, i just realized that you're in trouble with beerfest - if you have a few too many cold ones you'll get all sentimental and mushy and then you'll be kicking in 1, 2, and 3! i guess if you at least make it a WBL, you can then avoid 1, huh?

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

In my experience, Tums don't do crap against preggo heartburn. Get your OB to issue a refillable scrip for Prevacid before you skip town. I called my clinic in tears one Saturday since it was so bad and I couldn't eat and I wanted to not just consume but ENJOY my Jamba in the worst way...

As for RBF, my onc gave me a chemo holiday, so I should be in the clear on all fronts!

PS: Sorry I missed your call yesterday...the chemo nurses were hooking me up the moment you rang.