On Giving a Shit

I bought this card (picture on the front, words on the inside) years and YEARS ago in Seattle. I had to have it because (1) I thought the girl kinda looked like me as a kid and (b) cuss words in a kid's context = instant hilarity. And poop! What's not to love?

The thing of it is, I've never much had the occasion to send it to anyone. I mean, doesn't the act of sending a greeting card to someone show that you do, indeed, give a semblance of a shit?

Somehow, I've managed to not only hold on to this card but keep in it relatively good condition after the multitudes of moves Jody and I have done over the years, so a few weeks ago I dug it out and it is now sitting on my dresser.

The little girl on the potty (yay potty!) makes me smile, and not just because of the scatological sentiment that's within.

1 comment:

jaepea said...

she does kind look like you.
though you were cuter!