Busted Chemo Pack, Part Deux

Not only did my chemo pack mysteriously shut itself off, but I discovered yesterday morning that it had been leaking as well (!!!), meaning I've been spreading potentially toxic chemo dust all over the greater Madison area, not to mention my car, house, etc. MotherFUCK.

Fortunately the chemo company was able to get me a new rig a few hours after my initial call, so I was finally able to take the pack off at 9:45 this morning, a good 21h later than I was supposed to (with all the other issues).

Either way you slice it, the pack is off and I only have two more treatments to go. Sigh.


Jeanine said...

how annoying! glad to hear that the end is in sight........woohoo! only 2 more to go!

Tricia said...

At least you're on the downhill slope; 75% done! Hang in there!!

On a random Navy geek note, reading your chemo pack leak experience is giving me crazy nuke flashbacks of SWIMS (emergency actions for responding to a potentially contaminated spill). I'm sure, however, that just like in all of our drills, there is minimal actual impact of the chemo dust to your environs.