Notes of Note:

  • I had my first Neulasta shot yesterday in order to boost my white cells to avoid any future denial of chemo treatments (although I'm really wanting to postpone #7 on account of beerfest...is that so wrong?). The street value of these shots is $4K, so I'm hoping that my onc was right in saying it would be covered by insurance.
  • Violet was a big hit in the chemo waiting room. :)
  • In less adorable news, my success streak with Oscar ended last night. As these things go, it wasn't all that bad, but I definitely don't have the confidence I did before WRT to Oscar's integrity. Little fucker.
Oh, and I got a new phone:


Ed said...


I have some experience to share about Neulasta and WBCs, but feel like I am always bearing too much of "my experience" kind of news on your comments. Do you want to hear them, or would you prefer this to be a safe non-chemo-commentary place? I love your blog, and don't want to constantly refer to me-me-me in response to your entries.

What do you say? Reality-comments from my experiences or just fun and support?

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog. Your slang makes me think your younger than me, by your spirit is like mine. Keep the fight up. I danced on a table on a dare this weekend..."if you're half the woman you were before cancer you'll dance on this table." What else could I do? 48 yrs old and still kickin it.
I look forward to reading more. Thanks for the
the honesty and entertainment.

HH said...

i always thought v looked alot like j until i saw this cute picture - i see her momma in her now. quite adorable!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Hey Ed--I have a pretty good sense of potential side effects of my various cancer hoops, so I guess I'd lean towards fun and support, if that's ok?

Anon--Nice work on the dancing! Me staying up past 10p is a bit of an accomplishment these days, so I'm jealous. :)

HH--I hope it doesn't make me a bad parent that I have *no* idea who Vi looks like other than that I know she looks like "ours," you know? I think she's got my cheeks, tho, poor thing... ;)

Ed said...

You always have my support, and that is why I asked. I think your new camera takes beautiful pictures (but that depends a little on the subject, you know!) Have a great rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo a little Brigita!! \/