Holy Crap, It's a New Poll!

For reals this time!

Nearly two months after deciding that the Tuesday following my chemo infusion should be called "Shit Tuesday" (big ups to all of you Zork geeks that picked "Gruesday"), I'vew finally come up with something to poll about.

Taking a lead from Bride-to-Be Miss A., the question of the week for all of you is this: when choosing something to read, are you a fiction or non-fiction kinda person? And this is a year-round question, not specific to summer beach reads (which I would wager lean towards the fluffier fiction side of the spectrum).


A. said...

HURRAY! I LOVE THIS POLL! MORE BOOKS! YAY! And speaking of Frey the new Bright Shiney Morning is absolutely brilliant... ragrdless of his sketchy track. I loved the book. But then again, I do like fiction...

A. said...

is there any way to fix typos in comments? er, sorry!