Dept. of the Interior Report

Just got back from the ob/gyn to have a little something checked out. Turned out to be nothing, but the following was uttered by the doc:

Is there any chance you could be ovulating?

Obama doesn't have a monopoly on hope.


Megan said...

I can't tell you how many times at various medical appointments I've been asked, "Could you be pregnant?" I answer "no" but sometimes I get a particularly pushy tech/nurse who follows up with a "are you sure? This contrast dye could really be harmful to a fetus." At which point I usually say, "I had my uterus removed because my stage III colon cancer had broken through the intestinal wall and into my ovaries and uterus. So, yes, I'm pretty sure. But thanks for rubbing in the whole 'I'm barren and can't have kids' thing."

Me? Bitter? Nah. I'm just *fine* with it. (snark, snark.)

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Some people just can't leave well enough alone/should keep their damn traps good and shut.

My whole pelvic cavity is pretty much one big black box WRT its functioning. Do I have adhesions that will complicate my reversal? Is my bladder so fried that urinating is going to be a relatively long and semi uncomfortable process from here on out? Did my ovaries get completely hiked up out of the radiation field? Are my fallopian tubes seared shut? Is my uterus cooked?

I asked my ob if I should be on birth control on the outside chance that if I am ovulating, I'm releasing scrambled eggs. "You're afraid of conceiving a monster, then?" Um, YEAH. Unless of course there's a chance I could give birth to a superhero (see: radiation and Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, etc), which would be totally schweet.