Slight Slump but We're Almost There

So here's today's white cell counts...no where near the high of two treatments ago (which was the first time after getting the Neulasta shot) but close enough to the cut off to let me pass.

My neutrophils were also no where near the last count of 6040 (coming in this time at 2410), but still plenty good to get treatment.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised by the dip as I have been feeling a touch under the weather these last few days...ah, babies are such germ magnets.

Now for the downer news--I just shot an email to my surgeon and he said that he usually likes to do reversals 6-8 weeks from the end of chemo.

This? Is not good. I'd pretty much planned my whole fall around the fact that my goal post (a woman who is several months ahead of me in treatment for the same exact malady) had her take down three weeks after she finished chemo. At least I'm pretty sure that was her timetable. I'll have to touch base with her to make sure. Because I'll be DANGED if I'm going to let Oscar foul up my social life any more than he already has.

ETA: To leave this post on an up note, the good news is that I'll get to have my port taken out some time after my final surgery, which is great as I'd heard of some people keeping theirs in for years and years and I'd really like to be able to hold Violet on my lap without constantly worrying about her elbowing me or thwacking her head against the port.


meg said...

Bummer, B, I am sorry to hear the new forecast. I am always harping on the fact that meteorologists and doctors don't know shit. Let's hope they are wrong about this one. Slight possibility of evening showers....no shit it's raining, get out of the studio and open a fucking window.

Jeanine said...

Sorry B - a total bummer! Hang in there!!!

Doctor Niebs said...

Bigtime suckfest, B.

Except, I was a little worried that 3 weeks was too fast to let the chemo wash out of your system and allow good healing of the wounds so you wouldn't get wound dehiscence and hernias and other problems requiring more surgeries in the future. 6 to 8 sounds more reasonable, even if it's bang-your-head-against-a-wall frustrating.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

After a few days of trying to figure out how to haggle the doc down to 4 or 5 weeks, i think you're right, Dr. Niebs. I mean, it sucks that I'll be attending a wedding of friends with Oscar (who wasn't even INVITED, blasted freeloader), but this is about my health, not my social life...I guess.

Meg--I [heart] your profanity! ;)