I just got denied from getting chemo due to wickedly low white blood cell counts (1.9K/uL for all you MDs in the hizzy). Bitchcakes!

Here's a peek at how I've been trending:

Yes, I know I'm a geek.

While this pushes everything back a week (I'll have to adjust my SCRAM, Oscar! counter), the good news is that I get to feel as good as I do now for another seven days and we won't have to get all finagle-y with my treatments to work around the fourth of July (The Maple City has the longest continuing 4th of July parade tradition in the state of Indiana).


Jody said...

Speaking of Indiana, NBC renewed their Notre Dame football TV contract through 2015. That's seven more Naval Academy football wins I can count on watching on HDTV! Terrific, just terrific


Ed said...

Sorry to hear about the delay due to blood chemistry... this happens during nearly every chemo-therapy cycle (or so I've been told). My first delay was just a week, and it was exactly now last year (so I too got to enjoy the Fourth of July feeling almost normal). My later delays were much longer, and as they were near the end of my treatment were much harder to tolerate emotionally.

I relate this in the hope that your experience will be different from mine, but knowing that you also seem to like to have a firm handle on all things cancer-ious. Best wishes and enjoy the parade!

Anonymous said...

Recommend drinking lots of vanilla shakes. Also, I missed the vote for the Tuesday moniker but my vote is for Notchday. JB

Tricia said...

I'm so sorry about the bad new lab results, but glad about the upside of being able to enjoy the 4th. It sounds like you have a real All-American Independence Day planned! Colbert would be proud.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Speaking of LaPorte and Colbert, I have to reference a post from my old blog: OMG! LaPorte Just Made The Threatdown!