Cassette From My Ex

Here's a wonderfully off-topic post from my gifted, talented, and utterly delightful cousin, KK:

Hey all!

As some of you know, I am co-producing Cassette From My Ex, a new storytelling project from FOUND Magazine's Jason Bitner, one that taps into those long but hopefully not lost mixed tapes and what they meant to you. We're currently accepting submissions.

It's simple: you send us a cassette tape from your ex with your personal story behind the songs, either as a whole or note by note. We digitize it and post it on web site (then safely return your analog treasure). This project blends stories from know and unknown storytellers, and gets more interesting with each contribution. Check out the mixed tape memories from The Magnetic Fields' Claudia Gonson.

If you've got a mix ripe for a reprise in a crafty storytelling world, contact me.

Even if you don't have anything to submit, have a listen to a side of a mixtape during your morning at work. These mp3's are free! Please forward to your friends.

Hope all of you are well.

Viva la mix tape!
Katie Krentz

Here are a few fun write ups on Cassette From My Ex from the last week:

Rolling Stone
Your Ex’s Mix, Exposed: At Cassette From My Ex, music fansshare stories about the most embarrassing, aesthetically questionableand awkwardly romantic mixtapes they’ve gotten from former boyfriendsand girlfriends. (Our favorite: the girl who dedicated a mix to herboyfriend’s lost toenail). Scanned images of the handwritten sleevesand streaming audio from the tapes only add to the cringe factor.

Writers and other creative types share mixtapes from past relationships. Each entry has a story about the tape and the ex, as well as streaming audio of the tape.

MSNBC blog
Wow, what a great idea for a site! Cassette From My Ex - People share mix tapes made for them by former lovers. I have tons of old mix tapes, mostly from friends and some just made for myself from the radio. What a great resource to tap.
[Un]Fortunately, the closest thing I have to a mix tape from an ex is a compilation of Legion of Doom songs made for me by The Capozzola for One, who is not an ex of any sort, despite all manner of collegiate [yet Catholic, mind you] debauchery to the contrary.

Something about a formal/SYR and me and HH and somebody's tights/panty hose (ugh! perish the thought!) at Headquarters...?


jaepea said...

...i am thinking of sending in my crown jewel. the tape i got from the girl i lost my virginity to shortly before she dumped me.
its priceless and contains some stuff that still sounds good.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I'm sure KK would totally appreciate it, handle it with kid gloves, and catapult it to the top of the list. :)