An Open Letter to My Embarassing Habit

Dear MTV,

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! You introduce a "character" on The Real World (Hollywood) and kill him off from CANCER in the SAME FUCKING EPISODE?!

One minute he's all "Yeah, I had this volleyball-sized tumor excised from my chest" but he's up and around and functioning and seemingly fine and the next minute his assistant is calling one of the "seven strangers, living in a house on a Hollywood lot" saying "Yeah, I don't know if you knew that Brandon had The Cancer, but he's all dead and stuff."


So, fuck you, MTV, and the broke-ass, pole-dancing, syphilitic, coke-addicted horse you rode in on,


Ed said...

Aw, come on Sugar. Tell us how you *really* feel about MTV.


(Uhhh... "reality TV" does not equal reality. Period. Everything they do/show is contrived. Everything.)

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, should have finished watching last night's episode on Tivo before reading this. Think you need a spoiler alert at the beginning of your post! :-)