Similar ≠ Same

Some people like to keep their pinkie nail long for the purpose of stuffing coke up their nose, I like to keep my pinkie nail long for the purpose of digging boogs out of my daughter's nose.


jaepea said...

...there was a time where i encouraged mom to do the same thing so i could do some mining of the nares, myself.

hmd said...

LOL - too funny. oh the joys of being a mom... pee, poop and puke will never be the same.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

JP--I guess my being gross is genetic. ;)

HMD--I've decided that one of my titles/roles in the family unit (other than Queen of Everything) is CFO: Chief Feces Officer.

Because sometimes it seems like my daily routine revolves around diaper changes, picking up after the dog, and dealing with Oscar (preference in that order).