A VideOde to My Chemo Pack

Ok, now I have to post all my other favorite The Office (BBC) clips...

Tim & Keith

Tim & Gareth

(couldn't track down my other favorite Tim & Gareth clip featuring a tiger & a biro.)

AND, The end of the Christmas Special. DO NOT WATCH unless you've already seen the whole thing. BEST!

Links purposely left vague so as not to spoil the funny bits.


gilles said...

Links messed up--"Tim & Keith" links to Tim & Gareth.

Here's another great one.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Oops--fixed. Thanks!

Kelly said...

god, i love that show. i totally cried at the xmas special, and i NEVER cry. i actually like the american pam more than dawn (who i find boring), but tim and gareth were tops in the bbc version!

Kelly said...

update: just watched the end of it and got teary-eyed again, damn you! that and the six feet under one are the best finales of all time.

if you have comcast on demand, they have my other fave ep of the bbc office up... season 1, #4 - the training one with the guitar... comedy gold!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Kelly--DOOD, I know. The Christmas special is soooo best.