"Five Foot Nothin', Hundred an' Nothin'"

Actor Sean Astin to be La Porte Jaycees Grand Parade Marshal! (scroll down)

It will take everything in my power to not scream "ROO-dee! ROO-dee!" at him.

Oh, who am I kidding? Might as well get Violet used to her mother being embarrassing early.


Tricia said...

I recently saw Sean Austin at my district caucus in April; he was supposedly there to support Clinton, but he spent a lot more time talking about how great both democratic candidates were.

Anyway, I kept wanting to make loud LOTR/hobbit references.

It's funny (since I've never been to La Porte and the Rudy references are lost on me), the movies I best remember him in are the Goonies and the Lord of the Rings series, none of which are mentioned in his little bio.

HH said...

much better parade marshal than the actual rudy himself - don'tcha think?

meg said...

awesome!! LaPorte rulzzzz. Too bad the girls are too little to run into the street, dodging the shriner mobiles, to get their moms some candy. Aaron wants to know if Sean is going to so the truffle shuffle?????