Shit Sunday Thru Tuesday

I'm pooped. I've got a horrible taste in my mouth.

And I still have Shit Tuesday to look forward to.


Ed said...

Hiya Sugar,

Sorry to hear that Monday is sounding a little like early Tuesday. Chemo sucks. Period.

My mouth always felt like it was scorched... you know, like when you are so excited to taste that Tortilla Soup that your Mom makes that you spoon a super-hot amount into your mouth and then everything hurts for the next day or so (tongue, roof of mouth, etc.)? My tongue felt like that 24/7 for the six plus months of chemo. Post-chemo, it went away.

Tiredness was a fact of life for me too, and it got progressively worse as chemo-hell went on. Take lots of naps. Drink as many fluids as you can, even though that increases the potty-time. The chemicals are hard on all your organs, but especially your kidneys and liver as they process them out of your bloodstream and your bladder as it stores fluids up. Rest, rest, rest - but get some exercise too. The exercise will help you to sleep better and move food through your system. And despite your fatigue and every other issue, you NEED to eat to maintain your strength.

You can do this.

Jeanine said...

I am thinking about you and hoping that tomorrow's Tuesday isn't so bad! Get some rest....and hopefully you can mask some of the horrible taste with some yummy treats!