Back in the Saddle

Great news--My white cells have rebounded enough to get back on the needle! They're still a hair low (as you can see below) but more importantly my neutrophil count bounced back from 940 to 2740 (normal range is 1700-7500/uL).

In other news, RD (which stands for Rude Dietitian) just popped in and started poking through my charts, etc. without properly introducing herself prior to entry again, so I answered all of her questions monosyllabically just to get her the hell out of here.


Niebler said...

Good news. Strap on that fannypack and slay some cancer today, B.

The Legion of Doom reference has me cracking up. I think that's one of about three tapes in my box of CD's that made it to Alaska, even though I don't have a way to play them anymore. I keep looking for them on iTunes but no works from that great band have shown up yet--probably due to contract issues, I'm sure.

Horrible horrible horrible story about the breech baby death. That will give me nightmares.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Does your car have a tape deck? That's the only way I can listen to mine.

I know, isn't that the WORST?! i guess it made me forget about my crap situation for a few minutes, but after the fact I was all "um, professional BOUNDARIES, much?"

And it took every shred of tact I could muster to not bark "Did you get no prenatal care, nutso?!"

PS: I don't know if Shloe dropped you a line, but we want to pick your brain re: your time in the lower 48. :)

Niebs said...

Dysfunctional tape deck in the Subaru. Not so nice.

Yeah, I need to call/email you. Stupid Central Daylight Time. (I can't email at work, but can read your blog). I'll be in town from the 5th-12th but your schedule may be tight between the Sean Astin Parade Circuit and chemo. I hope Violet has a swimsuit!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Violet does have a suit and I/we certainly have the flexibility in our schedule to meet up, wherever the destination will be!