This Blog is Actually Good for Something

Looking back over my old posts, I confirmed my suspicion that my worst day post chemo is the Tuesday after my Thursday infusion.

So, new poll--What should we call this crappy, crappy day?


Anonymous said...

How about bad news bear day?

Tricia said...

In response to the above post how about "TGFTT" or just TiVO Tuesday.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Anon--I've never actually seen the movie (was it a TV show too?), so the reference might not be a good one for me.

Tricia--Funny thing is that the TiVo always seems to be cleared of good stuff to watch on those days...partly because I'm a good little hausfrau when it comes to the few shows that Jody and I both enjoy (Top Chef, Colbert & Daily Show, Reno 911, and the first season of 24 on DVD) and I save those for us to watch together.