An Open Letter to "Air Quotes" Around "Customer Service"

Dear [insert name of local gutter cover co. here] lady,

Yes, for the third time--despite my worthless uterus and slightly suspect vagina--I am indeed capable of making home improvement decisions related to our household.

My husband even lets me hold his wallet from time to time! What freedom!

PS: We have the right to vote now, you know. Might want to look into that.

See you next Thursday,


Anonymous said...

oh snap!!! I had this happen once, called a company about possible water in the basement, when the guy gets here, he refuses to either look at the basement or give me an estimate because my husband (who wouldn't know a hammer if it hit him in the nads) is not home. he actually called his office to see if it was alright to go ahead with the estimate.

I let him blather on, then called the company the next day, complained and then filed a report with the BBB. I continue to bad mouth them around town whenever I can.

Don't fuck with the ladies!


Jeanine said...

what year is it again? that is so disturbing!!!