I know that my pathology report as tight as a drum, so why do I still feel like my boat is rapidly taking on water and land is moving further away?


Ed said...

Not to repeat myself on the previous comment, but I thought the same thing and it had everything to do with control. As in, "I ain't got none and this is not the way I ran my life before..." I tried acupuncture, but the lady I went to (a) wanted to treat the toxins THAT I WAS VOLUNTARILY TAKING INTO MY SYSTEM as if it were somehow a bad thing, and (b) made me hurt, and I was already hurting enough (thank-you-very-much). I then decided to get into an exercise training program, one that I could extend past the treatments. This was a very good idea, and I can heartily recommend it for you.

(1) It takes your mind off the FOLFOX + side effects for a couple hours.

(2) It helps to keep whatever muscle you manage to retain through your treatments in shape - makes post-chemo recovery faster.

(3) It helps to make the internal plumbing work better, faster (though it has been 13 months since surgery and 5 months past end of chemo, I am still irregular - sorry if that's TMI!)

In any case, the boat may take on some water but it will not sink (MANY people are willing to bail if you need it and ask), and the land that you are moving away from is still there... you are floating to a different land (and that place is yours for the creating - MANY of those same people are anxiously waiting for you to arrive).

GOdd karma headed your way.

Ed said...

Oops. Meant to say "Good karma" not that unitelligible "GOdd karma" - whatever the hell that is.

Ed said...

Ummm. Unintelligible. Geez!