Surg Blurbs, Vol. II

  • My first night in the hospital was as close to awful as you can get. My night nurse was one of those grumpy sorts who doesn't introduce themselves, further disposes with formalities like knocking before entering, and managed to wake me up something on the order of every 45 minutes without the slightest insincere "sorry." Fortunately that was the first and only time I had her.
  • Ok, so she might have been justified in her concern: my BP was so low ("How low was it?") that even in my drugged and in pain state, I was freaked out: 88/46 (I usually run in the area of 110/72). The nurse put another bag of fluids on my IV...wouldn't have it made more sense to start a second line?
  • The kickass Icelandic anesthetist visited me the next morning and said that my low BP was nothing to be concerned about--common among thin (oh yeah--they all kept calling me "thin!" I guess we are in Cheeseconsin, after all...) women with epidurals.
  • Oh yeah--forgot that, too: I had a walking epidural for the procedure and recovery which was pretty awesome but begs the question--why don't they offer these to pregnant women? It sure would have been nice to walk/stand/bounce through the latter portions of my labor.


niebs said...

Sorry the post-op period was hellish, B, but it sounds like you're putting a good face on it. Are you eating real food yet?

They do sometimes give walking epidurals to laboring patients, but you have to be sure no bit of muscular inhibition travels into the legs because 9 month preggers ladies with poor balance and blood pressure lowered by spinal anesthesia are no one's idea of a good day at work.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear it went smoothly and you're back home, and in good spirits! Thinking of you often, JB and NJ

tasha said...

I hope the surgical residents were loving and nice! You deserve it. Much love and strong healing vibes, tash

meg said...

That knocking thing makes me mad. During my only experiences in the hospital, i knew the person at the door was a friend or family because they knocked...no one else seems to bother. Hope you are feeling strong and made it outside for that walk around the block...that is if mother nature is cooperating.