Today is a Good Day

  • Got to sleep in a bit
  • Have had a decent appetite
  • Went out with Mom and the Wee Vi to get a Jamba
  • Sat outside with Mom & Vi (in the Pack 'N Play)
  • Looking forward to dinner with Jody

Most importantly, I do not feel utter crap and haven't spent one moment in the prone position since getting out of bed.

Good day.

ETA: I started getting all ouchy on the way to dinner and feel pretty rough right now, so good day but not great--the pain's still there but comes on later, and that's progress.


Jeanine said...

Well I hope you were able to enjoy your FANCY dinner!!! You definitely deserve a fun night out....

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

It didn't end great (got a touch of claustrophobia/inability to breathe towards the end) but the moules et frites were delish!