Old Good News vs. New Uncertainties

Good News! My insurance company [who will remain nameless as long as they keep playing by the rules] finally paid the $14+K owed for the ovary transposition surgery I had back in December. Huzzah!

Uncertain News...? At my post-op check-up today, my surgeon raised concerns by my discomfort resulting from sitting on my bum for too long. I'm going in for a CT scan on Monday with the hopes of ruling out an abscess. The doc thinks I'm fine, but I'm pretty sure there's something wrong. Let's hope the professionals are right.

I've been feeling kinda blue today because I irrationally feel like I should be almost done, kinda like how when we drive home from Chicago we're always "we're almost home!" when we hit the Belvedere Oasis but the reality is that we have another 45 minutes of driving.

We would experience this same phenomenon on the drive from Monterey to San Francisco, feeling like we should be at our destination even though we know we have miles and miles to go. Let's hope this whole CT scan thing doesn't turn out to be a major detour on our trip.


Ed said...

Oh crap. Almost makes you want to be tight-lipped about everything that is going on "inside." And I *hate* CT scans because of all the other stuff they "see." By now, I have a time series of scans, though, going back to Day One of Cancer World - so they will be able to tell right away (in you and my cases) if something is different. Very best of luck to you, my invisible blog-friend with the great attitude most-of-the-time.

Anonymous said...

I too had rectal cancer and had to have chemo, radiation and surgery. I just happen to come across your blog thru the colon club. I am five years out of treatment and about 2 years ago I developed a cyst right by the tailbone. It showed up on ct and pet scan. I had it biopsied and all was negative. Anyway I think it is called a post surgical seroma. I think this is common after surgery and radiation. I bought a pillow that has an opening by the tailbone it is better then sitting on a donut. Good luck