Aw, :::Shucks:::

Thanks, guys. Thank you all so much for your cards, care packages, calls (when I was finally up for them), prayers, time and $$ to indulge my fancies in Chicago, and now happy tears.

We don't meet with a doc again until Thursday, so we should have more accurate info (ie "What does all this mean?") for you all then.

I've been doing pretty much the same thing these last few days: overestimate my energy level early, then sleep the rest of the day away. Yesterday, it was a walk around the block, today it was a trip to two rummage sales that did me in. I think I'm done with rummage sales--the ratio of bargains to pushy customers is waaaaay too low for my tastes.

But while I'm feeling pretty beat, I'm also still super upbeat. We still have a ways to go, but the finish line just got a lot closer.

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