My doctor misspoke about my chemo treatments--I'll be getting eight infusions over four months after all instead of the four over two that he had originally said.



Ed said...

I am so sorry to hear this bit of sour news. My experience was that the first eight FOLFOX treatments went like clockwork, though, so the predicted endpoint (though later than you were led to expect) will probably be firm.

But your exclamation is worthy.

Gods Damn It.

niebs said...

That was a painfully unfortunate bit of medical miscommunication. Really really bad communication. But, if you were my loved one, (oh, wait. . . you are), I would want you to get as much cancer killing chemo as possible, cruel as that sounds.

eileen said...


Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

You know, Niebler, I totally agree. In fact, when I got the false news, my second thought was "Four? Is that enough?" I'll get over it, it just means Oscar will be crashing RBF, that fucking foul-mouthed interloper.