Surg Blurbs, Vol. I

  • I wore my superman shirt to preop. I had it on for all of five minutes after getting to the hospital, but it helped boost my mood nonetheless.
  • The anesthesia resident was Icelandic. What were the chances, huh? I took it to be a very good omen. Not only that, but she was super nice & cool and kept me supplied with all manner of drugs, so yes, she's like totally my new BFF.
  • For me, surgery was a non-event. Thankfully.
  • If there is a hell, mine (should I go) will be a recovery room. Lights so bright that I couldn't bear to open my eyes, the pitiful cries of children coming out of anesthesia, shaking uncontrollably, freezing, and in incredible pain.
  • Getting wheeled up to my room was a little less awful, but seeing Jody there made it all lots better.
  • The room I had for labor & delivery was a freakin' palace compared to this one.

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