Shoutouts of Thanksgiving

First off, I would like to belatedly thank MMM for spontaneously joining me during/saving me from my completely unintentional and totally depressing karaoke rendition of I Will Follow You into the Dark back in Chicago, because I have a "Ooh! Pretty!" brain and basically punched in the song code when I saw Death Cab in the karaoke book, and there was this pretty intro, and I was all, "I'm such a cute indie girl with pigtails..." until the lyrics kicked in:

Love of mine (Aw, so sweet...)
Some day you will die (Ack! Choke!)
But I'll be close behind (WHAT?! Oh GOD what did I do?!)
I'll follow you into the dark (Flailing, gasping, drowning...)

To stop the song would be to admit defeat, but to finish it was not just naming the elephant in the room but introducing him to all my friends, letting him get drunk, and then watching him take a piss in the coat closet.

Thankfully, MMM--ever the well-bred gentleman and Death Cab fan--lept to my rescue and accompanied me as I squeaked and stiff-upper-lipped my way through the song. Thanks, Matty.

Second--and much more upbeat--shoutout goes to Dr. Niebler who must have synched up her medical savvy, roomiefiend ESP, and sweet crustacean connections to deliver the following within hours of my receiving the path report:

That white thing laying across the legs? Is a RULER. These fuckers were enormous, at least an inch in diameter, and beyond delicious. Oh my GAWD, we just thawed them out, dipped them in butter, and went to town. For two nights in a row. And then we made crab salad sandwiches. And totally would have made crab omelets if I could have stomached an egg the next morning.

Fortunately, my appetite always seemed to peak right around the time that the crab appeared, so I was able to eat along with Mom & Jody with relish. I have and may never again see crab legs this fantastic, so I thank you, my fair Niebler, for such a thoughtful, generous, and indulgent gift. So best!


doc said...

B - If it makes you feel better, I used to sing that song to the wee one as a lullaby. Its was a hard song to shake from the 3am brain.

Tricia said...

The song has been stuck in my head all morning. Death Cab's sound often belies how depressing many of their lyrics are (as I was realized during that karaoke moment where I just sat there like an idiot). You two managed the moment beautifully.

I'd never really thought about the band name before; it's origins are pretty interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Cab_for_Cutie_%28song%29