The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

Feeling like I'd turned a corner yesterday, I went out to lunch with Jody and ate the hell out of a chimichanga, a deep fried monstrosity the likes of which I have not allowed myself since high school.

In my excitement to eat, to want to eat, I completely forgot about the whole low residue rule of Oscardom. God, I'm such an asshole.


crazytom said...

In retrospect, you should have eaten the chimichanga just the same, but you ought to have had a little "move nice and slow" chat with the fried beast before putting it down. Care to take a shot at how that chat would have gone down?...

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I imagine it would have gone something like this:

Me: Listen, Chimi, I bought you, so I'm the boss of you, capiche?

Chimi: You are *so* not the boss of me.

Me: Yeah, I am.

Chimi: Chuh! No you're NOT.

Me: Am SO.

Chimi: ARE NOT.

[time passes]

Me: Am not. :::frowny face:::