ACHTUNG! Boring Mommy Talk Ahead

Violet really likes to smack the crap out of the battery-operated sound module on her Baby Einstein (ugh, I know) exersaucer ("Moooo! Cow. Vaca."). Living in this Internet-powered world of ours, I was all "Maybe I could drop customer services a line and see what, if anything, they could do..."

So, I did and they were all "The button module is broken?" and I was all "Yeah, my baby is a brute" and they were all "Oh, that's ok, we'll send a replacement" and I was all "Even though my daughter seems to be the baby equivalent of an East German power lifter?" and they were all "It's really no problem" and I was all "Wow! Best customer service EVAR!"

The End.


niebs said...

Wow, I did that to my Baby Einstein and they wouldn't give me NOTHING.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I don't think their warranty covers beer brewing accidents or surprise attacks by mutant crabs.

Mmm...mutant crab legs dipped in drawn butter... ;)

Pinchy said...

Kodiak crabs aren't mutants, man; it's just that all those others are candy@ss wannabe crabs. If you don't have to wrassle your dinner at risk of getting your own limbs ripped off, you might as well be eating scrod.