Where the Hell Have I Been, Indeed?

Notes of note:

  • I finally got that cut and color I've been desperate for. While I love the color, I don't totally love the cut (it's short and bordering on Mom hair) but I recognize that there wasn't a whole lot my beloved stylist could do: it had to come off.
  • Jody and I watched Persepolis last night (ie the one night during the week that there isn't any football on). It was beautiful and affecting and best of all--didn't make me cry despite it being about a girl growing up in (and out of) Iran after the 1979 revolution.
  • On the flat screen in the waiting room of my hospital's surgery clinic, they were playing this awesome video of puppies playing. I think the DMV should take a page from that puppy playbook.
PS: My post-op checkup went swell and my poops are grand, thanksforasking.


Anonymous said...

great to hear brigita! we are so happy to hear all the good progress. also, i have to admit i admire (envy) that you let jody watch football that many nights of the week! \/

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

This is where I get on my TiVo pulpit and proclaim the wonders that a DVR will have on your personal and married life!

It is *so* nice to not feel like you have to rush home to watch "your shows," to be able to tape one program while watching another, and to be able to start watching a game and hour after kickoff so you can skip all the commercials!

As for "letting" Jody watch football, it helps that I'm getting better at watching teams I have no personal stake in, and I think the fact that I'm so lax helps my case when it comes time to watch ND play.

Can't wait to see you guys--give your girls a squeeze for me!

eileen said...

Glad to hear things are going well!
I also really enjoyed Persepolis.

meg said...

B, i am glad that the post-op went well and all is going swimmingly in the nethers. we are so looking forward to seeing your family in a few short weeks. Stella has been practicing her flying swan dive from the rails of the pack n'play for the cousin wrasssling in the center ring. Just a heads up for Violet if she needs a weakness...Stella is petrified of anything inflatable--very strange..

love you!! meg