And Now a Quick Break for Some Non-Cancer Business

  • Blogger has rolled out its Follower gadget, which basically gives you more transparency as to who's reading your blog. That said, click on the "Follow This Blog" link in the side bar if you want to be an official follower!
  • Speaking of, my one and only follower thusfar--HH--has launched a new blog: Suddenly Southern? Woo Hoo!
  • Finally, I have done a quick color flip to signify the fact that my CT scan came back clear.
Brighter days ahead.


HH said...

i was just talking to parker tuesday night and we were talking about blogs (yours and mine). i fessed up that i started a new one but hadn't released/announced it yet because i wanted to wrap up 112 degrees first (i have 1 final entry to post). i then mentioned though that i was wondering how long it would take for you to track me down and if you'd beat me to the punch. crap - i knew you'd find me out. thanks for the shout out though and the kick in the a$$ that i need to wrap up 112 degrees!


Steve said...

I like the color flip. Soon you can change the atomic bomb to pretty flowers and bunnies or something.

-Nutri-Sci Husband

Steph said...

YAHOO!!! Awesome day for you! Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and sending you healing vibes ;) And its good your procedure is so early, less time you have to hang around not eating or drinking. I will be stalking your blog regularly for any updates.