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I've got about an hour or so before my post-op work-up and meeting with my surgeon, so let me get you up to speed:

I just got out of my second procedure in the radiology department, going for a barium enema this time. It's pretty much as horrible as it sounds, but was made all the worse by the doctor running the show, continually barking orders at me with regards to my getting into different positions so as to best visualize my sleepy guts.

Hey guy, if you're going to get all drill sergeant on me while I have a tube up my ass, the least you can do is address me by name. Oh, and lightly touching me on the arm on your way out the door doesn't make up for your being a dick.

Upshot of that procedure: my new "architecture" is leak-free. Well, that's a relief.

Before that fun, I met with chemo doc and his right hand man. They had all KINDS of good news for me. For reals!

First of all, my CT scan was CLEAR. I guess there was some stuff that showed up, but they're chalking it up to post-operative changes and after effects from my radiation treatments. I didn't ask and he didn't say so I don't have the offical decree, but I think this makes me CANCER FREE. FUCK YES.


Just kidding--I would be forced to smack myself in the head if I were to do that.

Not only did they hand down that great news but my blood counts are good enough to go forward with tomorrow's surgery! Which is apparently at 7:30a! Which means I have to get there at 5:30a! Which kinda sucks but whatever--let's do this thing!


HH said...

that's awesome!!!! i'll still keep my fingers crossed for the official decree but...WHOO F'N HOOOO!@!!#@!@$#!@#!$#@$#@$#@$#@$@$#!@#$$%^&%^&%^#@$!~!@$! cancer is such a candy a$$ when it's up against you - afterall you are just that FKN :)

let's keep the good news coming. good luck with surgery tomorrow! tons of virtual hugs and kisses!

Lanny said...

What great news!!!! You are a rock star!!! Hope the rest of your appointments go smoothly! Thinking of you!

Lisa said...

That is so awesome that you came up cancer free. I'm so happy for you you!

Good luck with surgery!!!

Tricia said...


Ellen said...

Excellent News! Looking forward to reading your first post-op post.