Supporter Shoutouts, the Belated but You All Know My Excuse Edition

The latest round of shoutouts go out to...

  • Jen Doc (who recently had a baby--congrats, woman!) for sending a great care package featuring, among other things, a DVD of the series Spaced, which I have not seen but have heard great things.
  • Miss Erin (who has moved back to the States after a long stint in the not-so-fabulous part of Italy--congrats, woman!) for sending a totally cute stretchy bracelet with itty bitty pictures of saints decoupaged onto the wooden beads. Catholic kitsch that could just pack a healing punch!
  • ck1, aka Christy K, for putting together a package complete with comfy woolen socks (I guess fall really is here, huh?), yummy chocolate, and a smattering of indulgent bits from Kiehl's. Funny side note--my skin had never been better when I was on chemo. Now that I'm done with treatment, I'm all bumps and scales, so this will really come in handy!
  • Karen B., for her package of shower bubbly goodness and a t-shirt that reads "I > U." Because isn't it better to be honest than modest?
And last but decidedly not least, all of you--my dear, devoted readers--for all the concerned, caring, and encouraging comments you've left over the last week (and then some). It's no secret that I am a comments/attention whore and appreciate you all indulging my weakness in that regard.

I really do appreciate all of you regulars, whether you've known me since Freshman O or only recently met me through this blog, and encourage all of you lurkers to leave a comment every once in a while!


Steph said...

No thank you! Thank you for. . well. . being you. For this blog, for reminding me how damn good I got it, for being supportive and for providing comic relief. Even though our situations are somewhat different, you have helped me to not feel alone on my journey. And please, even if life is all smooth sailing for you (which it so will be), don't stop being the attention whore you are, because I enjoy reading your blog too much.

Colleen said...

I've been following along ever since you commented on my blog (and we exchanged stoma emails). For the first time in my life, I was excited to hear about a stranger's farts! I just want to let you know that I am thinking about you and I'm so happy to read that things are going well.

Kassio said...

So glad to hear how you are doing...I love your blog. You've been in my thoughts and prayers often. Hope we see you out in Seattle soon! Till then...here is what we've been up to.

eileen said...

No, thank YOU for writing so honestly and openly and keeping us informed of your situation. I'm really happy that the cancer chapter of your life will be coming to a close.