An Open Letter to the Woman Driving the Escalade Pick-Up Truck While Talking on Her Cell Phone with Her Bichon Frise in Her Lap




Niebs said...

So, your post today reminded me that I have always wanted to know the etymology of "bichon frise" since my brain translates it as "frozen bitch" or "frizzy bitch", so I went to Google which translates it to mean "bichon frieze". Totally clarifying. If it really was frozen it would be a "Congeles Chienne." But it's not.

Tricia said...

Because I'm a little slow and a lot hungry, I read this as the woman had a salad on her lap. Frizzy bitch makes much more sense.

Not to make broad generalizations ('cause I'd never do that), but big & expensive cars (black, BMW, SUV) driven by people on cell phones are the scariest for me as a bike commuter.