The Beginning of the End

Today was a very important milestone in my relationship with Oscar: it was the last time I'll ever have to look him in his ugly, pink, swollen face.

I think if my relationship with Oscar was going to be more long term (as in, permanent), I could have made my peace with him. I'm just so glad I (in all likelihood) didn't have to.

So the rest of the week looks something like this:

  • Tuesday: First day of co-op day care with Miss V (Grandma will be taking her after this week).
  • Wednesday: Farmer's market, baby story time at the library (see above), Mom arrives this evening.
  • Thursday: Commence clear liquid diet; hit my six appointment wickets at the hospital.
  • Friday: All the king's horses and all the king's men will put my Humpty Dumpty guts together again.
  • Saturday: Cheer on The Irish from my hospital bed (or even better, some lounge to which I managed to walk without pain or issue).
  • Sunday and beyond: ???
In other aches and pains news, I'm still dealing with some nasty peripheral neuropathy in my feet, the upshot of which is that they've got that pins 'n needles feeling, coupled with mild burning, that gets worse and worse throughout the day (somehow reaching its apex when I'm trying to sleep, oh joy).

You know when this condition is a real drawback? When you're trying to check out at the grocery with the baby in tow and one of the coupons you have manages to shut down the register's operating system. TWICE.

Fortunately one of the items in my cart was a six-pack of beer, so I was able to medicate. ;)


Steph said...

So you get rid of Oscar on Friday?! How excited are you!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

How excited? SO EXCITED. While I was glad to have him during chemo (the trots were pretty absurdly bad at times), now that I'm done with chemo, I am so glad that I can be rid of him.

After that, they just have to yank the port and I'm like a normal person again! Well, "normal."

Hope your recovery is going well!

Anonymous said...

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Jeanine said...

YEAH!!! I will be sending good vibes your way this week. As a side note, i hope your tv watching is good on saturday! I will be watching from here.

jaepea said...

this is a big week for you.
will be sending lotsa love from the grimy city.

A. said...
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A. said...

Tough but awesome week! I'll be cheering for you from the East Coast!

trager said...

Brigita--have been checking the blog every few days. REALLY excited to read this one. We have been thinking of you and will be vibing at you all week. We should be down in The Bend for the game, so will try to vibe at you via NBC's airwaves! That post from the Purdue guy was crazy, yeah? You get that a lot? TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. all i can say is "wow" about you.

eileen said...

I also am so glad for you to be free of Oscar! I never liked him anyways.

Tricia said...

I'm so excited for you and your Big Week! Seatown's sending big cheers your way.

HH said...

we're thinking of you here in NC - so exciting to see oscar's time running out in your countdown! xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Lynn said...

Goodbye Oscar - hope everything goes well! My hubby was so glad after the reversal - things aren't great but sure are better than before!!!

meg said...

Let me join the masses in saying, "Eat it, Oscar." I hope your enery holds as much as possible these next few days. We'll be thinking of you and awaiting news of your success. Love you!!!

niebs said...

Kick that nasty little foul-mouth to the curb, B! I'm so glad you're ticking off these milestones with such gusto. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Love from the far North,

psorr said...

thinking of you this week! It's a good day to face the hard things