Currently: Trying Not to Pass Out From Hunger

Oh. Mah. GAH I am so hungry. And tired. And totally psyched.

I still have to pack and not eat and shower with the ol' Hibiclens (tonight and at the crack of ass tomorrow) and get to bed by a decent hour, but I'm so looking forward to hitting another marker along this long, long cancer marathon.

This will in all likelihood be my last post before surgery, so wish me well, keep sending those good vibes, and if anyone knows how to teleport an In 'N Out (or NYC pizza joint) to Madison, would you be so kind as to get on that. I'm gonna have some eating to do.

Love you all.

ETA: Mom wil be posting updates at my Care Page until I get back on my blog feet.


Anonymous said...

Give them hell tomorrow!!! We'll be thinking of you.
The Bachhuber Clan

A. said...

You've got this one! Good luck, good luck good luck!!!!!

Mar said...

Have been lurking for ages (via Moxie) and want to wish you the best of luck. I'm excited to see this milestone finally reached!! I'll be hoping for some tremendous results and incredible pizza coming your way.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you today, and I am SO happy about how great all the news of the last few days has been!! Good luck and best wishes for speedy healing!!