Currently: Oncology Waiting Room

The scan seemed to go fine (but oy how I hate how the IV contrast makes you feel all warm and oogy in your chest and pants)--we should be getting the results from my onc here shortly--and I just got back from labs, where the tech was training someone to deaccess a port (um, I didn't get any real training to do it--why can't you guys figure it out, too?) and she was all "I'll count to three and you take a deep breath" and then immediately pulled the needle out.

I had the shocked/perplexed look on my face, and it took me a sec to realize what had happened, and even though it didn't hurt all that much or anything, I was still all "But you didn't count to three!"

Bitch barely blinked much less apologized, so now I have one more reason to be happy that I won't be coming back here any time soon.

In other news, I'm effing hungry. DAMMIT.

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